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SCAR/MOLE REMOVAL - Cosmetic Surgery


Skin is a seamless organ as well as the largest organ of our body. It protects our body in a way like a fine cloth protecting valuable assets. We think and care about our skin more than any other organ of our body especially the skin of our face. Imagine a piece of silk. Just one small tear can make a big difference in how it looks. And it's the same with skin.

Any burn, injury, surgery, pigmentation, bruises, acne, pimples etc can cause a scar. When a scar happens they do not seem to go easily as they appear. Thus, to remove this problem of your skin you will need top cosmetics surgery professional who can remove them effectively.

Generally, people don't seem to give much attention to scars when it is small or in a location that is easy to conceal but when it is not you might search for a way to treat it other than hiding it behind. According to top professionals of cosmetics surgery in Kolkata scars never fade away completely from skin but with proper treatment and surgery the size and shape and appearance of a scar can be changed.

How Does Scarring Happen?

There are lots of reasons why scars happen in our skin. Scarring is a basically a natural healing procedure after a surgery or injury. It may happen after burning of skin, any injury, pigmentation, skin diseases etc. Top cosmetics surgery professionals in Kolkata perform the treatment procedure based on many factors such as the size, depth, location, duration, age, sex, genes and ethnicity.

What Are The Types of Scars?

Keloid scars: This type of scars generally happens because of accidents, injuries or cuts. They are overly aggressive healing process which extends beyond the actual injury. This type of scar is one of the most visually appearing and obvious form of scaring. Keloid scars are generally appears to be red and purple in cover and they take a long time to fade away. There are many ways are followed by the top cosmetics surgery professionals for the treatment of Keloid scars such as steroid injections, silicon sheets. Cosmetics surgeons in Kolkata also use cryotherapy to treat smaller scars of skin. Top cosmetic surgery doctors suggest that Keloid formation can prevent by using gel pads or pressure treatment when the skin is injured.
Contracture Scars: Contractor scars generally happen due to burning of skin or because of an injury. These are thicker often tighten the skin when they occur. If a contracture scar happens over a large skin area it can impair your ability to move, this means you will find difficulty in moving. They can also go deeper affecting skin muscles and nerves of body.
Hypertrophic Scars: This type of scars is very similar to Keloid scars but they don't get expanded beyond the wound or injury. They rise above the surface of the injury and appear as red. Top cosmetics surgery professionals of Kolkata recommend to use steroid injections or silicone sheets to flatten or remove the scar.
Acne Scars: Acne scar is another common scar type which happens when acne occurs in our skin. Acne scars can be of many types starting from deep pits, wave or angular scars. Doctors or surgeons perform the treatment procedure depending on the size and location of the scar.

What Are Possible Treatments for Scars suggested by top cosmetic surgery clinic experts?

Over-the-counter Treatment: To remove scars from your skin you can use prescribed creams, gels or ointments from over-the-counter stores. This treatment procedure is suitable when scars happen due to small injury, cuts, burns or other wound. If your scar has happened because of any cosmetics treatment procedure like plastic surgery then you can ask your surgeon if over-the-counter medicines will work for you or not. Scar treatment can also include steroids or antihistamine creams but they may have some side effects such as itching or sensation. If your skin has formed scar from severe acne then you can ask your dermatologist about which treatment would be better for you. Pressure treatment and silicone gel sheeting is another part of scarring treatment that top cosmetic surgery professional's use in their treatment procedure.

Surgical removal or treatment: If you are suffering from deeper scars there are many options available to treat them depending on the particular case of the scar such as excision, skin grafts or laser surgery. In the treatment procedure of skin grafts professional's surgeons uses skin of another area and place it on the wounded skin. If your scar is impairing function of your body then with the help of a surgery you can solve the problem very easily. The top cosmetic surgery professionals of Aesthetica, Kolkata suggest their patients to wait up to one year before making any surgery for scar treatment.

Injections: To treat scars many doctors suggests steroid injections. Mostly Keloids or Hypertrophic scars are treated through injections. The injections can be used them along with other treatment procedures too.
Many dermal fillers or injections such as collagen may also be useful for pitted scarring treatment but dermal fillers never give a permanent solution.

What is a mole?

Mole is very common to people and everyone has a mole somewhere in their body. Moles are dark or brown colored spot occurs on skin when skin cells build up clusters instead of spreading throughout the skin. These types of skin cells are known as Melanocytes which is responsible to give natural color to our skin. Top cosmetic surgery experts or scientists use different terms to denote moles. Single moles generally defined as Nevis and multiple moles defined as Nevi.

What causes moles?

Some people born with moles on their skin and some moles even occur after birth. If you want to know the reason of occurring moles then it will be sunlight. The skin area which are most exposed to sun are more prone to mole.
Heredity can be another source of causing moles. Changes of hormone level can also cause moles in our skin and another reason can be the aging process. However, whatever the reason behind the mole of your skin it can be removed by two surgical methods by our top cosmetic surgery doctors in Kolkata: such as Excision (cutting), with or without stitches and Excision with cauterization (a tool is used to burn away the mole.
Laser excision has also been tried by many dermatologists for the treatment of moles but it is not a common choice of top professionals. Depending on the depth of mole top cosmetics surgery doctors of clinics may use excision with or without stitches.

Birthmarks :

Birthmarks are discolored patches that can happen in anywhere on human skin, even on face. As the name suggests it is a mark that develops on skin before birth. However, ion many people they also appear after birth. There are no major factors or logic why birthmarks occur. Birthmark is not an injury and thus it causes no pain. But, when they appear ion face or any other exposed place they need to be treated or removed to get a normal and scar less skin. Top cosmetic surgery professionals from Aesthetica, Kolkata offer an effective treatment to remove birthmarks from your skin.