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Double Chin

blog4 Double Chin Liposuction - What Is It?
Double chin liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure done to remove the double chin, which could be a matter of embarrassment for many people. This chin procedure is done by a qualified plastic surgeon to remove the excess fat under the chin. A few persons recommend exercises as a solution to reduce the double chin but they never work. In double chin liposuction surgery, the surgeon removes not only the fat under the chin but also the sagging skins around your neck area. All the excess fat is completely removed by this novel chin procedure. It is part of the latest cosmetic face procedure surgeries.

Double Chin Liposuction - How Is It Done?
The advancements in microcannular liposuction technology had made chin fat removal quite easy. Recovery of the patients is also very fast. Plastic surgeons now make only tiny incisions in skin liposuction since the latest liposuction instruments are quite small, with a diameter of less than 2 mm. These instruments are termed as cannula. The surgeon applies a local anesthesia and conducts the double chin liposuction treatment. There is very little bleeding and much lesser trauma to the skin tissues, compared to earlier liposuction procedures.

Double Chin Liposuction - After the Surgery :
Even though only a local anesthesia is given and the patient could move about immediately after the plastic surgery, it would be advisable to take rest for 2-3 days. However, moderate activities could be undertaken without any problem. There would be moderate swelling but this would subside rapidly. The surgeon would recommend that you wear an elastic chin strap for a few days so that there is a gentle pressure on the area of liposuction chin procedure. After the introduction of double chin liposuction, facelift procedure had become obsolete. In a few cases, liposuction is combined with laser resurfacing also for better fat removal. There are virtually no side effects in modern liposuction procedures.