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Implants We Use


There is a huge number of dental implant manufacturers are present in Kolkata who manufactures and supplies implants to different dental clinics at very cheap price. With variety of manufacturers the implants also vary in shape, cost or price, fittings and quality etc. Different dental clinics will utilize implants from the various manufacturers. The differences between the manufacturers are not that massive apart from shape, cost or price but still it is always better to choose a brand with proven track records which ensures the quality and safety of the product. Apart from quality of the product there are two factors which also become very important is: a. The skill of the surgeon in surgical filed and b. The prosthetic proficiency of the dentist who will place the implant supported prosthesis. In the hands of a skilled surgeon and a skilled prosthetic dentist, the vast majority of implant brands have an excellent prognosis. But no brand will save the inexperienced doctor from failures.

World leader with Longest serving implant for more than 50 years Our dental implant centre in Kolkata uses Nobel Biocare-Sweden-USFDA approved & CE certified implants which is the most renowned, longest serving and world's leader brand in this field. Nobel Biocare is renowned as leader of dental medical devices which provides innovative curative and aesthetic dental solutions. Nobel Biocare is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and its manufacturing unit is situated at Gothenburgh Sweden. The company has a large group of employees worldwide which is around 2,500. Nobel Biocare builds on a heritage of more than 45 years of scientific dental research inspired by the achievements of two Swedish innovators, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark and Dr Matts Andersson since 1953. It is the oldest and known as the best implant system with huge facilities and string back up all around the world. It is the most used and flexible dental implant system in the world.

The work horse implants from south korea- (USFDA approved & CE certified) Neobiotech Implant manufacturer from Korea is an USFDA approved and certified brand which provides one of the best, cost effective and cheap implant service. The company was established on February 2000 and it has developed and launched SinusQuick guaranteeing excellent operation in IP, GDR, IL, not to mention of best product to upper posterior early 2007, while passing through the newborn process as an innovation managerial of this company from 2007. The main motto of Neobiotech is developing products which are safe, simple and quick. Additionally, Neobiotech promise to develop into an tremendous implant enterprise and world's leading implant market focused on technology and service by developing creative, innovative, functional and global products which is cost effective, low-priced and perfect for selective cases.

Versatile cost effective solutions with Adin from Israel Adin implants – Israel - USFDA approved USFDA approved brand Adin Dental Implant System Ltd is an Israel based company which manufactures, designs and market technologically focused advanced implant solution. The company is providing its excellent service from last 20 years and is providing dentists and dental technician a high quality product with innovative solution and advanced technology and knowledge. The Northern Israel based company Adin believes that its employees play one of the most significant roles in the growing success of the company worldwide. ADIN highly values each hard working employee and attributes its growing success to their continuous dedication. Currently, ADIN is running a prospective multi-center study to validate the survival rates, bone remodeling, and soft tissue maintenance of all dental implant systems.

We use the keyhole technique of implant placement (in 90 % of our cases).

Key Features :
  • Stitchless procedure (no cuts or stitiches).
  • Less than 15 minutes.
  • Comfortable.
  • Quick Recovery & go to work same day.
  • Latest.
  • High success rate.
  • Very safe

Cost of Dental Treatment

Dental procedure Cost in USA & UK ($) Cost in India ($)
Smile designing
Metal Free crown
Dental Implants
Porcelain Metal Bridge
Porcelain Metal Crown
Tooth impactions
Root canal Treatment
Tooth whitening
Tooth colored composite fillings
Tooth cleaning
General Dentist Top End Dentist
- 8,000
- 5,500
- 3,500
1,800 3,000
600 1,000
500 2,000
600 1,000
350 800
200 500
100 300
Top End Dentist