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Jaw Cyst

blog4 A cyst is a sack or pouch which forms within tissues and contains fluid. This cyst is not a cancerous growth.Cysts can develop in many places in the body. Around the face and mouth they can develop under the skin, under the mouth lining, within the saliva glands, and within the jawbones.Jaw cysts grow very slowly and in the vast majority of cases patients do not have any symptoms. Cysts can grow very large and can cause damage to adjacent teeth which can become loose. Very large cysts can also expand the jaw and very occasionally can be so big that they can weaken the jaw leading to a fracture.
The treatment for cysts is to remove them. This is done by a small incision inside the mouth and removal of part of the bone. Occasionally when cysts are very large it is possible to treat them by surgical decompression. Following the surgery the cyst is sent to a specialist pathologist for examination under a microscope to confirm the diagnosis.
During your consultation the consultant will also explain any risks or complications that can arise from treatment and how they can best be avoided or managed. Your surgeon will give you ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have and ensure that you are happy for the procedure to go ahead. If you are then you will be asked to give your informed consent by signing a consent form detailing the procedure agreed and any specific complications discussed.