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Multiple dental implant center in Kolkata


What Actually Dental implant is?

Dental implant is a very popular procedure these days which is performed to offer people a new look, feel and functioning of teeth. In this procedure people who have lost tooth can get back their smile and confidence completely by replacing old tooth with a new, natural looking and well-contoured tooth. They are basically some small titanium posts that are placed into the jawbone of mouth area where teeth are missing. The implants create a strong foundation of artificial teeth by bonding with bone of mouth. They can easily hold the structure of human face and can prevent bone deterioration that occurs when human teeth are missing. With help of this procedure one can simply solve the problem of missing tooth permanently. Implants can be of different types; they can provide replacement to uncomfortable dentures or bridgework and they can also solve problem of a single missing tooth. Aesthetica Dental Clinic Centre at Kolkata offers a very reliable, safe and cheap treatment procedure of dental implant to offer patient permanent solution of their missing teeth.

How we Perform Dental Implant Procedure?

With our affordable and cheap dental implant centre in Kolkata several missing teeth can be treated effectively with help of our specialist and proficient dental physicians and surgeons. The initial procedure for the test in our centre is a thorough consultation with surgeon to understand the situation of the patient. After a comprehensive examination and tests we go ahead with the further procedure with a complete treatment plan. To provide the best result to the patients, we acquire the best method of placing the implants into mouth. They are placed directly into the bone which helps in preventing bone deterioration and also preserves the jawbone effectively. Multiple implants are placed in the bone below the gum tissue acting as anchors or posts for a custom-made bridge that will match your existing teeth. After completion of Osseointegration process, multiple crowns or a custom bridge is cemented onto the abutments of teeth. One of the great advantages of this treatment procedure of missing teeth is that it helps in halting bone loss and preserves your remaining teeth healthy and sturdy. Dental implant procedure is nothing like removable appliances like dentures, in this procedure the supported teeth are permanently fixed into the mouth. They never click or slip into your mouth, moreover, there is also no need to worry about moving or falling out while eating, speaking or participating in daily or occasional activities. At our centre we not only take care of the effectiveness of the treatment but also we do care about the cost of people and thus we keep our prices cheapest compared to other dental clinical centres in Kolkata. If you are looking for a cheap, affordable and reliable dental implant centre in Kolkata, don't look further; Aesthetica is the destination where you need to come down to get the best dental treatment ever.